Monday, January 9, 2012

desktop calendar :: january

This year we are offering a couple of new things in addition to the desktop calendar. Each month there will be a free iPhone/iPad calendar for your lock screen with corresponding wallpaper for your home screen (see above photos). These can be used on your iPad as well.

If you would like your FREE desktop/iPhone/iPad calendars and wallpaper for January, please

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Then click here to download the desktop calendar.

iOS Instructions

Browse to this post on your iPhone/iPad and click here to view the iPhone/iPad calendar and click here to view the iPhone/iPad wallpaper. Once you are viewing them on your iOS device, hold your finger on the picture of the calendar or wallpaper until your device asks you to save the image. Click on save, and a copy of the image is added to your photo roll. You can then go into "Settings" > "Wallpaper" and set the calendar as your "Lock Screen" and the wallpaper as your "Home Screen". If you are having trouble, leave a comment and we'll get technical support right on the line!

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