Thursday, December 1, 2011

desktop calendar :: december

I can't believe it's already December. Time is going by way too fast.
I am busy with the Christmas card rush, but wanted to get this calendar up for
you all to enjoy. I just love the little deer and the non-traditional color palette.
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missing in action :: update

Sorry I have been MIA the last month or so. We had a rough month with some health scares. Our baby Cosette wasn't gaining weight or growing so they did some blood work on her. That blood work came back with a couple elevated liver enzymes which could mean all sorts of different liver diseases (hepatitis, biliary diseases, liver damage, etc). So I spent the next two weeks in and out of the lab getting test after test done. Poor baby girl had to get pricked so many times and she was such a champ about it too. After a lot of tears, prayers, and blessing from my dad, everything came back normal. We spent our Thanksgiving holiday in AZ with my entire family, and our doctor called to tell us the good news just a few days before Thanksgiving. We definitely had a LOT to be thankful for this year. It turns out that my milk is just full of protein and not calories so she was a little malnourished. Sadly, I had to stop nursing her and move on to formula. She is a new baby and so happy and content. Poor little thing was just hungry. So sad, but so glad we were able to figure everything out and that nothing serious was wrong with our baby girl.
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