Thursday, September 17, 2009

custom blog design :: a drop in the bucket

shalynn wanted a new name for her blog, and a new look to go along with it. we created a new header and a cute little button too. she wanted lots of bright color (a girl after my own heart), and a fun whimsical look.

ordering info

i have received some inquiries about ordering information. if you are interested in ordering anything you see here on the kidlark blog, just shoot me an email by clicking the email me button on the right. i can answer any questions you might have and i can send you an invoice for your order. thanks.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

chore chart

my sister brooke wanted to start implementing chores in her home and she wanted a chore chart cute enough to display in her kitchen. she had seen a similar idea on martha's website, but wanted it to have a little more character. so i came up with a design, she came up with the chores, and then we printed everything out on printable magnetic sheets. it turned out pretty cute if i do say so myself. i sort of wish i could start my kids on chores so that i could have one in my house as well!
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