Thursday, January 26, 2012

custom branding :: lilapops

A few months ago Leslie came to me and asked me to help her with the branding & design work for a new company that she started with her husband. After going on a road trip with her coughing children, they came up with the genius idea of an all natural cough drop lollipop for kids called LILAPOPS. You may have seen their ads on Style Files, MeOhMy, DesignMom, etc. The best part about LILAPOPS, is that they are made with honey and marshmallow root so you can really give them to your kids anytime. The bad part is, if your kids are anything like mine, once they taste them, they will be begging you for them all day everyday.

She had a vision and I am so excited with how it is all turning out. Not only is she a genius, she is a darling mother, and one of the most kind and thoughtful clients I have ever dealt with. Is it weird that I feel like we are BFF's now? Seriously, that's how nice she is. Oh and did I mention she has the cutest house ever? Check it out over on her blog, Drywall & Diapers.

LILAPOPS is currently offering a 25% discount to Kidlark readers. Head on over to their website to purchase yours NOW. While you are over there, check out all of the ads and other items I designed for her as well!

*Sorry for the poor iPhone images. I couldn't wait any longer to share this exciting news with you, and my good camera is acting up.*

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